About us

We are the parent company for Filecorp NZ, New Zealand Mail Group, and G3 Medical. We operate three principal business divisions:

Document management and data management operations.

Business mail solutions and operations, including courier and logistics services. 

Mailhouse and mail fulfilment services.

Growth strategy

We have very specific and achievable growth strategies to implement, which our Board considers will ultimately impact positively on the overall key metrics of our business operations.

Our growth strategy is based on:

  • Continuing to grow the existing businesses organically.
  • Acquiring businesses which are complementary to the existing business operations.
  • Increasing our market share in the various markets we operate in.
  • Entering new geographical markets.
  • Expanding our courier, freight, logistic offering domestically and internationally.
  • Growing revenues and strengthening margins with a view to continuing to develop sustainable EBITDA performance for the Group.

We will invest in, or acquire appropriate businesses based on service & technology capability, and customer needs. These businesses are transformational insofar as they present us with a bridge between old and new technology workflows.

Send_Global is very much a growth story.

Stay tuned for updates as we roll out our new offerings in the market.